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January 26, 2012

Journey to Dewata Island

5:04 PM

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I went to one of the best island in the world, Dewata island or Bali island in Indonesia on 21st to 23rd of January 2012 ago, to visit my brothers work place. I did it because I ever promised that I will go to his place for next sometimes. Beside that, cause of he will bought a notebook for his son, and then he consulted to me what is a best spesification of that notebook. His son is a student of SMK TI Global Denpasar, take a n IT Department.

I leave for Bali on Friday afternoon (18:00 West Time of Indonesia), 20th of January by Travel, Halin Perkasa Putra. Cost of this travel just 160,000.00 IDR. Facilities tha we got are, snack and once eat.

Vehicle that we used is Izusu Elf grand. This vehicle able to contained by 12 passengers, where in front are 2 passengers, behind them are 3 passengers, 3 passengers again and in the back is 3 passengers.

I pinched for the third passenger, after it a travel must be pinch the remnant passengers. About more than an hour a tarvel vehicle pinched all of passengers before we leave for Bali. About 20:00 (West Time of Indonesia), we can just leave from Surabaya to Denpasar. I don't kwow the exact route, but a certainty last route is Kuta, Denpasar, Bali.

On 1:00 (West Time of Indonesia) 22nd of January 2012, we reached for Besuki city to took a rest. At this place we got an eating allocation. Although not a special menu, but it can be a proper of stomach :-D

After took a rest about a half clock at this place, we continue our journey to Denpasar. On my way, I accompanied by some songs that can made me more enjoy, thay are Owl City (Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight), Bruno Mars (Just the Way You are and It Will Rain), and some songs by Katy Parry in Teenage Dream album.

On (about) four a'clock we reached to Ketapang harbour of Banyuwangi. At this place was very crowded, may be cause of this time was a long holiday. We had to wait for about more than an hour to able accrosed this strain (Bali strain). And alhamdulillah we accrosed it with a happiness and continued our journey.

About 3 until 4 hours, some of passengers are got their place. And again, I got my place for the last third, on about 11:00 (Middle Time of Indonesia or Bali time) I arrived my destination, Pulau Batanta street number 28, Teuku Umar, Denpasar, Bali.

It was an amazing journey, because this is my first journey to Bali island alias Dewata island. Along my journey, there are no strikes that our journey was lost. Beside that, a driver of travel agent also friendly enough. He always already to accompany us along our journey, it made us comfort :)

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